You Have To See Blake Shelton’s Hilarious Tweets About The DNC

blake Shelton tattoo

photo: Reuters

Blake Shelton is just as confused about the current political climate as we are...

Blake Shelton is not having it with all the political confusion lately. After all the Republican National Convention drama, the email leak chatter, and the Democratic National Convention sent Shelton to Twitter.

The Oklahoma native has never been shy about sharing his political opinions via Tweet, and just a few moments before the DNC started, Shelton shared what we honestly have all been thinking.

The bro-country singer told it like it is, and it was refreshing to see a celebrity admit that sometimes the news can be confusing! After some silly exchanges with followers, Shelton tweeted something that— regardless of political stance— we all can get behind.

Bottoms up. Shelton will soon return as a judge on NBC’s The Voice for its upcoming 11th season.

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