Who is Luke Combs?

Who is Luke Combs?

photo: Wide Open Country

We all know Country music artist don't come out of the blue and every one has their own unique story. . .Luke Combs is no different.

Luke Combs has come a long way since singing with his friends in northern North Carolina. His roots run deep with country passion. He looks to Eric Church as someone who was inspired him, and they have much in common – they even went to the same college – Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. Combs says, “Man, if this guy that went to App can do it, I can to.”

When he was 26, he had his first taste of radio fame. He heard his single “Hurricane” on the radio.

Combs has only been playing guitar for 5 years, although his singing career goes back further than that. He has inspiration to pick up a guitar one day when his mother reminded him that the famous Kenny Chesney didn’t learn guitar until he was 21. From then on, he created quite a career for himself, that he wishes to keep making bigger.

Combs remembers the first “terrible” song that he wrote when he was in college called “Day Drinking.” When Little Big Town came out with their single, “Day Drinking” he realized he was on to something. He kept writing many songs until he decide to make the move to Nashville in the August of 2014. By this time, he already had 2 EPs under his belt, making him no rookie to country music.

About eight months later, he bargained for a booking deal and hit the road and from then on he says, “everything fell into place soon after.” He focused on writing and eventually, his single “Hurricane” was released with the help of his fellow co-writers, Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips.

Combs focusing on making his music and sound genuine. He knows every song will not be a hit and just tries to make the best song he can that day.

When talking about his latest album, he says that “This One’s for You” is one of the most honest songs he has written. The title track is a sort of thank you to those in his life who have helped him get where he is today. “Used To You” is about going on in life without a loved one beside you and is a song many fans have taken a liking to.

Combs tends to gravitate towards sad songs because he find them to be more of a challenge, from a writing perspective. Chase Rice, who attended the same high school as Combs, is the one who first gave him the idea to write from the heart. At first, he thought it was just answer that anyone could say to him, but it turned out to be one of the best pieces of advice Combs has recieved. He says, “It’s cool when a song can hope people deal with their emotions…Now that I’m here, [I’ve realized to} write about what you;re going through because i guarantee you there’s a million other people who are going through the same thing that can relate to that process.”

Watch this 1 minute interview to learn more about Luke Combs.

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