What Gone Looks Like (Volumes 1 – 4)

What Gone Looks Like (Volumes 1 – 4)
Follow Frankie Ballard on the road with his latest videos, that are released once a month to promote his latest album, El Rio.

See the behind the scenes action of what it’s like to be on the road with Frankie Ballard and get some exclusive interviews from the people he works with everyday.

The first volume was released on November 25, 2016.

Videos are releases once a month and show what Frankie has been working on for the past month as well as a few clips from some live performances.

Ballard is on the road to promote his latest album, El Rio. He will be on the road throughout the summer. The album was created to find the ‘Frankie Ballard sound’.

Frankie and the band talk about the stops they make along the road, as well as about the songs they are singing. Fans from around the country are seen at meet and greets and concerts for Ballard.

Check into Frankie Ballard’s official youtube channel for releases every month for a recap of what Ballard’s life on the road has been like.

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