WATCH Miranda Lambert Perform Her Song “Another Sunday In The South”

Miranda Lambert's charity donates funds to the Lindale, Texas Police department after they lost their police dog in a shooting.

photo: Sony Music Nashville

In a homage to 90's country, Miranda Lambert sings a "song title" tribute song to an era of country music she misses.

Miranda Lambert recently played a small concert in Nashville and gave a never-seen-before live performance of one of the tracks from her album Platinum.

“Another Sunday In The South”  was written by Lambert with Jessi Alexander and Ashley Monroe.

“We love ’90s country so much, and we miss it …,” Lambert explained.

“We wrote this, and we tried to fit as many country titles as we could … If you don’t think it’s cool, don’t tell us because we think it’s cool.”

The song pays tribute to Shenandoah‘s No. 1 hit “Sunday in the South” and strings along other hit titles such as “Fishin’ In The Dark”, “Killin Time”, “Next To You, Sitting Next To Me”, and many more. A pretty impressive list!

However, Lambert went one step further with the tribute by including Shenandoah member Marty Raybon to sing on the song on the album version. Raybon was pretty surprised when he got that call to sing!

“I hear the track, which Miranda had already put her vocal on, and for the first time, I thought they were serious,” Raybon recalls.

“I called him back and said, ‘This is really cool. Is this really going on Miranda’s record?’ He said it was, and I asked him what he wanted me to do. So I came up to Nashville, and we played with it.

“To be honest with you, I sat there totally in amazement that I was part of it,” he adds. “I don’t want to use the word surreal because I think it’s become a buzzword that has gotten to be way overused. But there really was a sense that it wasn’t really happening. Then I get a copy of it mixed down, and I thought it was killer.”

Just another Sunday in the South / Wanna put on some Shenandoah / And crank it loud / You and me go fishin’ in the dark / Killin’ time with Restless Heart / Just another Sunday in the South” sang Lambert at the Nashville performance.

Watch the live performance below followed by the original Shenandoah hit “Sunday In The South”!

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