WATCH Keith Urban Sing “The Fighter” With the Audience at the Grand Ole Opry!

Keith Urban Sings The Fighter at The Grand Ole Opry

photo: Youtube

In a recent stop at the Grand Ole Opry, Keith Urban performed his smash hit song “The Fighter”.

Keith Urban stopped in to perform at the iconic Grand Ole Opry last month (April 17) and a magical thing happened. In the original version of Urban’s song “The Fighter”, Carrie Underwood sings with Urban in call and respond style. Since Urban was by himself on the Opry stage, the live audience filled in where Underwood would usually sing and the result was pretty great.

The video below begins with a solo Keith Urban on stage as he begins the song with his incredible guitar picking skills. Then the magic begins as the song gets to the chorus and Urban gives the signal that the audience should take over. As they all sing in unison “what if I fall” Urban echos back “I won’t let you fall” and continues in that manner for the rest of the song.

You can only imagine how it felt to be at such an intimate show and hear Keith Urban singing back at YOU that he won’t let you fall. We will take that reassurance any day!

Watch the video for yourself below:

“The Fighter” is the 5th single off of Urban’s 2016 album Ripcord. When he wrote it he was thinking about the early days of the relationship between he and his now wife Nicole Kidman.

“It’s a song about helping to heal and protect someone you love. It’s a song about reassurance that you’ll always be there to take the blows the world can throw,” Urban said.

Even though Kidman is a great singer herself, Urban chose Underwood to perform in the official version because of their past performance history.

“Carrie and I had sung together before, and I thought our voices blended really well — so she was unquestionably the right choice. It was such a relief that she wanted to do it.”

You can watch the official video for “The Fighter” below, which is almost as good as the one at the Grand Ole Opry! :)

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