Watch Cole Swindell Sing “You Should Be Here” at World Trade Center

Cole Swindell middle of a memory

photo: Cole Swindell Facebook

Cole Swindell performs his touching tune in a very appropriate place.

Country singer-songwriter Cole Swindell was honored with the opportunity to perform his emotional song “You Should Be Here” live for FOX & Friends at the World Trade Center terrace overlooking the Freedom Tower in New York City this morning.

“I’m not sure I deserve to be the one doing this, but it’s such an amazing feeling that I have a song that I wrote about personal experience… to see this country and the fans relate to it the way that they do. I think we’ve all got somebody we’re missing or that we’ve lost that could be making every moment we get to spend a little bit better. You know, I’m excited to meet some folks and just be in such a special place singing my favorite song I’ve ever written,” Swindell said of his experience.

Swindell did a fantastic job helping to honor the memory of so many.

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