[WATCH] Brantley Gilbert’s New Music Video for “Stone Cold Sober”

Brantley Gilbert Releases Music Video for

photo: c/o Big Machine Records

Brantley Gilbert released a video for his fourth single from the album "Just As I Am".

It looks like it was one heck of a party for Brantley Gilbert in his new video for “Stone Cold Sober”. The scene opens up with a camera pan of the aftermath of a house party that was a little bit punk, a little bit country, and a lot of extreme hangovers. We see people passed out all over the place and a poor teddy bear that was still smoldering as it floated in the pool.

Gilbert wanted to show the day after the party instead of the fun part most music videos are famous for, and for that he decided to work with director Shane Drake.

“I knew Shane could get that on film,” Gilbert says in a press release. “He’s done a lot of my videos, so I know he’s great. But when you look at the stuff he’s done for artists like Avril Lavigne and Timbaland … you see he understands those moments when the good times wash out and you’re cleaning up the mess.

“In a lot of ways, that’s what the song is about, too: in the mess figuring out what you said, realizing it’s right and repeating it stone cold sober,” Gilbert adds. “… It’s pretty strong stuff.”

Yeah I can lie about 99 percent of the time / When I’ve had too much to drink
Yeah I do stupid things / But this time is different
And baby it feels so right / I hope you were listening
To every word I said last night

The lyrics capture Gilbert’s sentiment and goal of the song and they are reinforced by the video when we see one of the men at the party looking for his lost love with only a smudged telephone number on his arm to find her. Amidst all the chaos and debauchery, the man knows that he has to find the one true thing that came from the crazy night, the girl.

Watch the new music video for “Stone Cold Sober” below!

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