Vince Gill’s Daughter Shares Adorable Video of Her Son [WATCH]

Vince Gill’s Daughter Shares Adorable Video of Her Son [WATCH]

photo: Jenny Gill Website

Jenny Gill, daughter of famous singer and songwriter Vince Gill, shared a video of her son to Instagram that is so cute!

No matter how famous your grandfather is, it doesn’t make life any easier when you are just plain tired. This was proven in the Instagram video that Jenny Gill shared of her son, Vince Gill’s grandson, where the toddler has just woken up from a nap and is struggling a bit to take on the world.

In the video below, three-year-old Wyatt sleepily walks down stairs with the haze of sleep still heavy on his little face. Jenny then uses a couple video cuts to show the many moments Wyatt seems to try very hard to wake himself up. Like many moms do, she tries to offer him snacks to help him feel better. However, in true toddler-form, Wyatt denies the healthy snacks in favor of “cookies”.

Watch the video for yourself below, it’s good for a quick brightening of your day!

Waking up is hard #Wyatt

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Jenny Gill is now expecting her second child, giving Vince Gill his second grandchild, which we are sure he is extremely excited about.

While Jenny is a singer/songwriter herself, from the video below it looks like young Wyatt is starting to show some signs that he will follow in his mom’s and grandfather’s musical footsteps:

You better tune that thing #Wyatt

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Jenny Gill recently released her very first music video for the single “Lonely Lost Me” which is a sweet song about her losing the ability to be lonely when her son Wyatt was born. The song is off her latest release titled The House Sessions.

Admittedly, it is a little difficult the follow an act like her father with him being as close to legendary status as you can get in country music. However, Jenny seems to keep a light heart about the thought of carving her own way in the music world and even jokes about “taking shots” from her father’s many Grammy awards.

“You can officially put alcohol in them and take shots out of them now,” Jenny jokingly said after Vince Gill won his 21st Grammy Award. “I’m probably going to do that to the 21st one when he’s not looking. Of course, he feels so honored and grateful. I think it’s so well-deserved.”

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