Vince Gill Let’s Do Something Music Video and Lyrics

Vince Gill Let's Do Something

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Watch Vince Gill's music video for "Let's Do Something".

Vince Gill Let’s Do Something was released in September 1987 as the second single from the album The Way Back Home.  Vince is a Country Music Hall of Famer that won his 21st Grammy Award at the last award ceremony in Los Angeles.  Vince has won more Grammy awards than any other Male Country singer.  Watch the music video for “Let’s Do Something and check out the lyrics to this tune below.

Let’s Do Something Music Video

Vince Gill co-wrote this song with Reed Nielsen.

Let’s Do Something Lyrics

Nothin’ to do in this lonely town
Your daddy warned me, “Son, don’t come around”
Says I ain’t good enough for you
He don’t know what I’m goin’ through

Let’s do something
Sneak out your bedroom window, girl
And we’ll be gone
Let’s do something
Oh, baby, let’s do something
Even if it’s wrong

Go see the preacher ‘cross the county line
For 25 dollars he could make you mine
My heart’s on fire, can’t you feel it burn
I’m past the point of no return

I’ll make your daddy understand
Oh, Lord, I know I can make him understand
I’ll face your daddy man to man
No guts, no glory, girl, I’ll take that chance

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