Vince Gill Invites You to Play “6 Degrees of Separation”!

Vince Gill will be inducted to the RockWalk in a ceremony next month (Feb).

photo: Vince Gill Facebook

A new website titled "6 degrees of Vince Gill" challenges you to find an artist that does not lead back to Vince Gill.

Vince Gill and his team have found a clever way to promote his new project, Down To My Last Bad Habit.

They have created a website that will allow you to enter a musician and find out how their work is connected to the country music icon.

Vince Gill

Just for fun we tried to give the website a challenge by typing in the most opposite artist from Vince Gill we could think of, and we were only able to get a separation degree of 2!

Gill is even astonished at how many artists he is connected to.

“I love the website, it really is fun to play around with and endlessly entertaining. I didn’t even realize all of the connections I have!” Gill stated.

Vince Gill
 Maybe you can do better than us, try it out by clicking HERE!


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