Tyler Hubbard & Thomas Rhett Bond Over Fatherhood

tyler hubbard thomas rhett fatherhood

photo: Hayley Hubbard/ Lauren Akins Instagram

Who says you can't have friends after you become a parent? Florida Georgia Line star Tyler Hubbard and Thomas Rhett have formed a new bond over fatherhood!

Although raising a child is one of the most exciting things most people will ever do, it does not come without some challenges. However, finding other new parents in the same situation can be extremely helpful. Luckily for country music stars Thomas Rhett and Tyler Hubbard, they have each other.

“Tyler Hubbard is one of my best friends in the world and so we relate on a level that I don’t relate with some people that don’t have children,” Rhett recently shared. “It’s funny when you do have kids, all of a sudden, things that you talk about, about sleep, don’t make sense to people that don’t have children.”

Thomas and his lovely wife Lauren welcomed home two beautiful daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James, in 2017.

Florida Georgia Line star Tyler Hubbard and his gorgeous wife Hayley welcomed home their daughter, Olivia, on December 23, 2017.

“We both lived the same life and now we’re living the same life except for we have two and they have one,” Thomas Rhett continued. “It’s been really cool to talk with Tyler and Share, ‘Are you sleeping on the road? Are you sleeping at home? Does it kill you when you have to leave Liv?’ Or me leaving Willa Gray and Ada. And it’s cool because we both experienced those same freedoms and now we’re in this place where we love having children, but we’re both getting used to the fact of what our new life is now. So it’s really nice to have a buddy that also does music for a living, as well.”

Strangely, Tyler found out Thomas’ wife was pregnant before he did. You see, the two couples were on vacation together in Africa. Thomas Rhett went to the gym for a quick workout when Lauren took the pregnancy test. It was positive! “I’m jumping up and down, Tyler’s giving me a bear hug and Hayley’s running out of their room and I’m like, ‘Thomas Rhett is not even here,'” Lauren recalls. On top of this unique bond, Tyler and Thomas also share the same label home, Big Machine Records.

It’s great to see this friendship grow deeper and we look forward to seeing these kids grow up together!

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