Tyler Farr’s Next Album Will Be Produced by Jason Aldean!

Jason Aldean and Tyler Farr

photo: Instagram

Jason Aldean will be in the producer's chair for the next Tyler Farr record.

Tyler Farr has had a rough go lately with his vocal cords and performance career. Farr returned to the stage this past Sunday (May 15) for the first time after vocal cord surgery at the iconic Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville.

However, now that he is back, Tyler Farr is ready to get the momentum rolling again for his fans. He revealed before the Sunday show that he has been working with his friend and fellow musician Jason Aldean to get his next record ready to make a big splash in the music scene.

Farr admits that Aldean was not pulling any punches either on the recovering singer.

“He was pretty hard on me,” Farr said of Aldean. “We’d go from pretty much sunup to sundown every day, and he was very persistent on finding what he wanted out of my voice and what he wanted to capture.”

So far four songs have been recorded for the upcoming album, which promises to showcase Farr’s new found range after having the surgery.

“Not only did I get back my range I had before, but I got five and a half notes higher than I’ve ever been able to sing,” Farr admitted.

Farr and Aldean’s friendship runs deep and it’s one that Farr really appreciates.

“We’re pretty blunt with each other,” he shared. “We have fun with each other and that’s what makes country music special.”

Tyler Farr will join Brad Paisley on the Life Amplified World Tour. You can see dates below:

May 19: Sacramento, California
May 20: Irvine, California
May 21: San Diego

June 2: Phoenix
June 3: Albuquerque
June 11: Winsted, Minnesota
June 17: Grand Junction, Colorado
June 18: Laughlin, Nevada
June 25: Hartford, Connecticut

July 12: Quebec City, Quebec
July 13: Ottawa, Ontario
July 14: London, Ontario
July 16: Morristown, Ohio
July 30: Indianapolis
July 31: Clarkston, Michigan

Aug. 4: Wantagh, New York
Aug. 5: Pittsburgh
Aug. 6: Blue Ash, Ohio
Aug. 7: St. Louis
Aug. 11: Alpharetta, Georgia
Aug. 12: Tampa, Florida
Aug. 13: West Palm Beach, Florida
Aug. 18: Toronto
Aug. 19: Darien Center, New York
Aug. 26: Cedar Park, Texas
Aug. 27: Dallas

Sept. 2: Panama City Beach, Florida
Sept. 10: Chicago
Sept. 16: Cleveland, Ohio
Sept. 17 Charlotte, North Carolina
Sept. 18: Raleigh, North Carolina
Sept. 22: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sept. 23: Bristow, Virginia
Sept. 24: Mansfield, MA

Oct. 1: Las Vegas

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