Tyler Farr’s “Our Town” is Ode to Small Town Life

tyler farr

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Tyler Farr's "Our Town" touches upon the values that are the hallmark of small town living.

Singer-songwriter Tyler Farr‘s “Our Town” has been released as the first song off his forthcoming third album due out in early 2017. Enjoy the official audio below!

“It’s been an interesting year for me with having to take time off after my micro-laryngeal surgery, but taking that time not only was a huge benefit for my voice, it was a benefit to my spirit. I had time to think, actually sit down and watch the news and see what is happening out there,” stated the Missouri native.

He adds “I saw that the world today isn’t the same one that I remember from my youth, back before I left my own home town, and it got me thinking. Man, there’s a lot of anger, hate and straight up disrespect for others that seems to show no end. That doesn’t sit well with me. Where did faith, hope and love go? In my town I see constant reminders of how life used to be, and I miss that. It’s not all bad, I still do see some good things happening and I hope with “Our Town” my fans can take a second and share that feeling and conviction with me, because buddy it’s strong.”

“Our Town” ships to country radio on Monday, September 26th and was written by Liz Rose, Nathan Chapman, and Seth Ennis.

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