Tyler Farr Album Review! Suffer In Peace

Tyler Farr

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The day has finally arrived, Tyler Farr has released his second album with Columbia Nashville entitled Suffer In Peace, and the response has been huge.

Tyler Farr’s new record Suffer In Peace is by all accounts a terrific album of music. The new album for Farr was released today, April 28th, and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

The new album consists of eleven songs that were immaculately produced by Jim Catino and Julian King, who also produced Farr’s first album Redneck Crazy. This new album is a progressive statement of modern country music, and will most certainly act as an inspiration for country music to come. Read below for a review of each song.


Track 1- “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y”

Tyler starts the album with an incredibly catchy and hard hitting anthem known as “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y,” that sets the tone of the album to redneck pride. While many of the other songs are rooted in love and romance, the album kicks off with this fun and grooving song that begs you to sing along.


Track 2- “A Guy Walks Into a Bar”

The mood quickly shifts to love, with the second track on the album being the hit single “A Guy Walks Into a Bar.” This track is slow and grooving with interesting lyrics and a great story that demands your attention. If you haven’t heard this song yet then you probably don’t listen to country music.


Track 3- “Withdrawals”

“Withdrawals,” the third track on the album, tells a tragic story of lost love that is romantically compared to substance abuse. This hard hitting emotional track is sure to resonate with anyone who has missed out on an opportunity for love, and has lost a little sanity thinking about them.


Track 4- “Damn Good Friends”

“Damn Good Friends,” the duet with Jason Aldean, is a song about comradery that showed up at number four on the track listing. This track highlights the friendship between the two country stars and the importance of having a “couple damn good friends” to help you out of a bar fight, a ditch, or a failed relationship.


Track 5- “Suffer In Peace”

The title track to the new album, “Suffer In Peace” came in at number five, and is another tragic song about getting away from a past relationship. Farr sings about retreating to a “cabin in the hills,” reading his Bible, looking for salvation, enjoying the “sound of a mountain breeze,” and being able to “Suffer In Peace” after losing an opportunity for love.


Track 6- “Raised to Pray”

“Raised to Pray” is another hard hitting song that looks back on Tyler’s earlier days and how faith and family helped raise him over the years. This song is riddled with imagery that is sure to send you back to your childhood.


Track 7- “Criminal”

“Criminal,” the seventh song on the album, is a love song that plays on the idea of a girl who “kicked his door in and stole his heart away.” Tyler relates this girl to a criminal for all the things she has done to him.This ballad has potential for an awesome music video so hopefully it turns out to be a single.


Track 8- “Better In Boots”

“Better In Boots” is an easy going song that helps lighten the mood after the heavy emotions that the listener is now coming down from. This fun song makes you want to put on your boots and wave your country flag. Tyler Farr is a proud supporter of girls in boots, especially Lucchese boots.


Track 9- “Poor Boy”

“Poor Boy” is a love song that takes you down memory lane and back to your early relationships. Tyler uses this song to tell his story of being a “Poor Boy” and still getting the girl when no one thinks he can. This well written song takes you back to a time when you were an underdog but still came out ahead.


Track 10- “I Don’t Even Want this Beer”

“I Don’t Even Want This Beer” is another epic ballad and the tenth song on the new album. This track uses stark contrast between verses and choruses to show the passion involved with missing someone. The dialogue that goes through your head while thinking of someone you love is a situation that all of us can resonate with.


Track 11- “Why We Live Here”

The last song on the album, “Why We Live Here” is a great finishing tune for the album. This track speaks to the patriots with lyrics of hometown pride, good people, and hard work. This song rocks hard and makes you feel good to be alive, which is always a good thing no matter where you live.


Tyler celebrated the launch of the album on the Today Show which did a great job detailing the young stars journey up to now. Check out the interview below to hear Tyler talk about this exciting new chapter of music!

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