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Tyler Childers Lady May

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The Tyler Childers Lady May song was released in 2017 as a track on his Purgatory album.  “Lady May” is about lovers meeting at the end of a long work day.  His Purgatory album was produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson.

Childers and his new bride Senora May moved in with his parents to save money before buying a used camper with “Country Squire” written on the awning of the front window. The dream? To buy a piece of land, live in the camper while building a house, and start a family. The reality? Working in a sawmill and brewery, playing gigs whenever possible, and stashing away whatever money they could.

“Now the mountains are all blushing and they don’t know what to say,” Childers sings. When he and his wife May registered for their wedding, they asked for hiking gear so they could hike the Appalachian trail; “Lady May” is their real story of two young people committed to walking the land around them and sharing the details that make it home. “Put your toes down in the water and a smile across your face,” he sings.

Watch the music video for Lady May and see the written lyrics below.

Tyler Childers Lady May Music Video

“We’ve both been through a lot of it together,” Childers says. “In July 2019, it will make four years we’ve been married, and we met each other at 23. I’d been gigging since I was 18, getting ready to turn 19. For a good chunk of it, Senora May’s put up with me and been there for it. And she stuck with me, so it’s really awesome because we told ourselves that if we made these sacrifices, or held off just a little longer and kept at this, maybe one day it might work out.”

Tyler Childers Lady May Lyrics

I’m a stone’s throw from the mill
And I’m a good walk to the river
When my workin’ day is over
We’ll go swim our cares away
Put your toes down in the water
And a smile across your face
And tell me that you love me
Lovely Lady May
Now I ain’t the sharpest chisel
That your hands have ever held
But darlin’ I could love you well
Til’ the roll is called on high
I’ve seen my share of trouble
And I’ve held my weight in shame
But I’m baptized in your name
Lovely Lady May
Lord the wind can leave you shiverin’
As it waltzes o’er the leaves
It’s been rushin’ through my timber
Til’ your love brought on the spring
Now the mountains all are blushin’
And they don’t know what to say
‘Cept a good long line of praises
For my lovely Lady May
Now I ain’t the toughest hickory
That your ax has ever felled
But I’m a hickory just as well
I’m a hickory all the same
I came crashin’ through the forest
As you cut my roots away
And I fell a good long ways
For my lovely Lady May

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