Trace Adkins’ New Album is “Freaking Awesome”

Trace Adkins says his new album is his best to date.

photo: Christopher Polk, NBC

Trace Adkins says his new album is his best to date.

The new single from Trace Adkins‘ soon-to-be-released album, “Jesus and Jones”, has been playing on country radio and fans are loving it. Adkins couldn’t be more excited about the rest of the album, that has yet to have a release date declared.

“It’s freaking awesome. It’s a good album,” Adkins tells a popular country music website.

“I spent the last couple years working on this, and there’s been no sense of urgency: Nobody’s been pushing me; we’ve taken our time. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.”

Unlike projects in the past, Adkins did not write any of the songs on the new album. The single “Jesus and Jones” was written by Casey Beathard, Tyler Farr and Jim McCormick and was originally meant for Tyler Farr to cut.

“Songwriter friends of mine here in town know when I’m cutting a new record, and they send me the stuff that they think would work on me,” he explains, “and that process has been that way for the last almost 20 years now.”

That is how the single came to Adkins, through Daniel Lee at BMG Music Publishing, who sent it to Benny Brown, the head BBR Music Group, which is the parent company of Wheelhouse Records, where Adkins has a new deal. “Jesus and Jones” is the first song released with Wheelhouse.

“I’m so fired up for this song to be his [Adkins] new single at this time, on a new label,” songwriter Jim McCormick said.

“It absolutely was exciting to hear that he wanted it, and to find out that he wanted it for a single is just excellent.”

“This is a song that’s autobiographical,” Adkins says. “The first thing I ever did behind a microphone was singing bass in a gospel quartet. At the same time, I was playing guitar and singing in honky-tonks, so, that’s when the struggle began—the wrestling match between ‘Jesus’ and ‘Jones’—and I still struggle with that.”

Watch the newly released lyric video for “Jesus and Jones” below!

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