Towne Delivers a Spine-Tingling New Single, “Camouflage” [Listen]


photo: c/o Towne

Emerging country music duo Towne has a very distinctive and mesmerizing sound unlike any other. Check out their new single, "Camouflage," here!

Diverse backgrounds in life and music could have taken Towne’s Steevie Steeves of Pennsylvania and Jon Decious of Tennessee in two very different directions. Instead, their love of songwriting allowed for their paths to cross. Though each had a successful run at music independent of the other, their partnership began rather serendipitously when both got scholarships to Skip Ewing’s Horse and Writer songwriting camp in Wyoming.

“I’d written with a few guys back in Nashville that had encouraged me to apply for Skip’s writing seminar… I met Jon, and I liked him right off the bat,” says Steeves. They crossed paths quickly progressed into a partnership driven by a powerful musical connection. “We quickly realized we lived across the street from each other in Nashville. We began writing and performing together, and here we are,” adds Decious.

Sonically, Towne offers a sound that can only be described as a harmonious blend of alternative, folk and pop. Steeves’ powerfully raw lead vocals are balanced by Decious’ smooth and steady harmonies.

“You get the New York Broadway and back roads country,” shares Steeves. “That’s why we’re called Towne. We came from two different places, different musical backgrounds. But we meet in the middle. We’re both songwriters with very different influences.” And with confidence in sound and a name to fit the bill, Steeves and Decious have never been more secure in their path moving forward.

Enjoy listening in Towne’s latest powerful single, “Camouflage,” below!

“’Camouflage’ is a song that’s particularly close to both of our hearts. We, along with our co-writer Bonnie Baker, were all feeling pretty low that morning in the writing room, just venting life’s little frustrations, when this idea of feeling like Camouflage popped up out of the blue. We hit that piano lick and the words kind of just fell out. The hardest part was moving our ink pens fast enough to write down all of the words. It was a great therapy session!” Steevie explains.

This track is pure fire. The soft piano mixed in with a strong beat and Steevie’s striking voice is a slam-dunk. Pretty sure just about everyone—male or female— has felt like this at some point in their lives. Love is hard y’all.

Like what you hear? Grab “Camouflage” for yourself here and share this refreshing country duo with others!

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