Top 4 Miranda Lambert Videos of All Time

Miranda Lambert

photo: Randee St. Nicholas

Watch Miranda Lambert's top 4 music videos here!

Miranda Lambert released her first album in 2005 and one of the songs from her first album even made this list based off of YouTube views. Check out her top four most popular music videos ranked by YouTube views as of November of 2022 below!

1. “Somethin’ Bad” ft. Carrie Underwood — Over 144 Millions Views

It’s Miranda Lambert’s number one and it’s not hard to see why— double the star power!

2. “Mama’s Broken Heart” — Over 94 Million Views

Just in case you wanted to hear a song to get over a break up. It’s okay to let all that crazy out…

3.  “House that Built Me” with over 91 million views

4. “Kerosene” — Over 71 Million Views

A classic throwback to 2005 from Miranda. A song about getting revenge and forgetting about love for a little bit.

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