Top Country Performances on The Voice 2015 [VIDEO]

Top Country Performances The Voice 2015

photo: YouTube

The Voice just finished up another successful season with many great performances. In order to close the 2015 season correctly we put together a quick list of the top country performances on The Voice 2015. The performances are ranked by the most likes, shares, and tweets online.

The below list is ranked by video shares, likes, and comments across the web.  Here you go:


Emily Ann Roberts and Blake Shelton - Finale: Islands in the Stream

The Voice 2015
This performance makes me want to break out into the two-step. “Islands in the Stream” was originally a Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton hit. This video was shared, liked, and tweeted over 13,153 times.


Emily Ann Roberts - Finale: Burning House

The Voice 2015
Emily Ann Roberts sings Cam‘s big hit “Burning House”. I’m sure this performance would have made Cam proud. This video was shared, liked, and tweeted over 16,052 times.


Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors

The Voice 2015
The top place goes to Dolly Parton performing “Coast of Many Colors”. The lyrics bring you back to her early years. It’s amazing to think that Dolly Parton will turn 70 next month. This video was shared, liked, and tweeted over 21,140 times.


Given that Blake Shelton is such a pivotal player on The Voice, it’s not a surprise how well country music is being represented on the show. It’s good to see country music getting so much coverage on prime time television.

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