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Brett Eldredge


Brett Eldredge, 30, isn't your usual southern country singer. He's from Paris, Illinois and even sings a song about his home state.

Hunky country singer Brett Eldredge released his first album in 2013 and has made his way to the top charts multiple times since then. Here are the 3 most popular videos from Brett based on YouTube views.

1. “Lose My Mind” — Over 17.6 Million Views

A single from 2015, that hit the top charts. Spending 14 weeks on the Billboard top charts, it was clearly a hit from the moment it was released. For being put into a straight jacket— Brett doesn’t look too unhappy.

2. “Beat of the Music” — Over 10.1 Million Views

“Beat of the Music” was released in 2013. A feel-good song about meeting someone on vacation and getting lost in the moment. It makes you wish you were on a beach in Mexico too.

3. “Mean To Me” — Over 9.2 Million Views

Released in 2013 on the same album as “Beat of the Music,” the lack of color clearly doesn’t make this music video any less amazing.

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