Top 5 Commercials Featuring Country Music Stars

Willie Nelson

photo: YouTube

Over the years, dozens of country music's greatest have acted or sang in different commercials. Let's take a look back at five of the top commercials featuring country artists here.

Artists such as Faith Hill and Alan Jackson have been the stars in several commercials, but their advertisements did not make this list of the top five commercials featuring country music stars. It takes a lot of talent to act and sing, and these dynamic performers seem to never disappoint. Relive these epic moments below!

5. Reba McEntire for Fritos

In this comedic Fritos commercial, Reba McEntire appears to have been searching all over town for a bag of “Texas Grill” corn chips. She eventually found a convenience store that carried the product, but the store was closed. When the clerk told McEntire they were closed, a man jumped in and said “but this is Reba McEntire.” Still, the employee did not trust her. So Reba McEntire busted out a full blown musical performance. Did she ever get her delicious snack? You will have to watch and find out…

4. Brad Paisley for Nationwide

This may not be the funniest or most memorable ad of the bunch, but how could Brad Paisley not make this list. His recognizable voice narrates this Nationwide commercial discussing a family’s need for good insurance. The commercial made its debut in March during the March Madness Tournament.

3. Luke Bryan for Cabela’s

Although Luke Bryan’s handsome face does not appear until the end of the commercial, the audience gets to watch Bryan sharpening his hunting skills. It is no mystery that he enjoys outdoor activities so Cabela’s is absolutely perfect for him!

2. Charlie Daniels for Geico

Geico is known for the famous gecko and his catchy saying, “fifteen minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.” However, North Carolina native Charlie Daniels stole the show when he played his fiddle in this 2010 Geico television commercial.

1. Willie Nelson for Taco Bell

When country music icon Willie Nelson was short on cash back in the early 1990’s, he agreed to star in this Taco Bell commercial. Over 20 years later, Willie Nelson is still a household name.

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