Toby Keith Pokes Fun At His Golf Skills In New Song

Toby Keith

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Toby Keith recently announced his brand new record called 'The Bus Songs' and the album flirts with being NSFW. Learn more about the album here...

The anticipation surrounding Toby Keith’s forthcoming album, The Bus Songs, is rapidly growing as we approach its September 8th release date. However, if you were looking for new tunes for the office radio, you may need to reconsider. A press release described the tracks as being “written too late at night. Maybe in the back of his bus with a glass of Wild Shot mezcal nearby.” On the bright-side, the 56-year-old gifted country music fans a summer vacation treat when he made the record available for pre-order on July 21st.

Mark your calendar for new music from Toby! The Bus Songs will be available for pre-order on July 21. You won't want to miss these twelve tracks of pure, road-worthy fun. 🚌

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To sweeten the pre-order deal, Keith added four instant gratification downloads including “S–tty Golfer,” “Wacky Tobaccy,” “Runnin’ Block” and “Call a Marine.” So what did we learn from Toby’s early releases? The song titles alone prove The Bus Songs will be a comical blast! Also, the Oklahoma native reveals some insight about his golfing abilities. Check out some of the lyrics to “S–tty Golfer” below. Beware, it is a bit explicit!


I’m a s–tty golfer, you can ask my wife
I’ve been out there hackin’ every day of my life
I got the shorts and all the plaid sweaters
And new TaylorMade driver didn’t make me any better

Man, I hit ’em fast and I hit ’em thin
I roll ’em in the bunker’s man, I hit ’em again
Slice ’em in the bushes, crank ’em in a creek
I popped that sucker up and hooked it out in the street

Yeah, I’m 245 right down the middle
And I’ll miss the green, to the left just a little
Chili dip a wedge, and put it all together
Hit that son of a b—- right up there in the leather
If you call that good, and let me press on the side
You can put me down for a fight

“S–tty Golfer” beautifully sums up the goal of The Bus Songs— to be entertaining and give listeners a reason to laugh. Of the 12 tracks that will be included on the album, most of them will never even be considered for the radio. Luckily, if you catch a Toby Keith show, you may get to hear the raunchy songs live. Check out Keith’s tour schedule on his official website.

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