Toby Keith Honors 93 Year Old War Veteran on Stage in North Carolina

Toby Keith

photo: c/o Facebook

During a recent concert in North Carolina, Toby Keith had a very emotional and patriotic moment on stage with an American veteran.

Toby Keith is a well known patriot. With many of his songs celebrating American soldiers and their sacrifice for freedom, it is no surprise that he would take a moment during a concert to honor a very special veteran. What Keith didn’t realize was that the three-time war veteran’s story would bring the “American Solider” singer to tears.

On Aug. 21, Keith performed at the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina where he took a moment to ask Lt. Colonel Harry Frizzell on stage.

“34 years of service… Vietnam, Korea, World War II, and he put four kids through school,” Keith told the crowd.

“I wanted ya’ll to see what a true American hero looks like.”

93-year-old Frizzell walked to the edge of the stage while Keith performed his 2003 hit, “American Soldier.”

Keith dedicated the song to the veteran who sat in his wheelchair, draped in an American flag.

Keith then gave Frizzell the chance to speak to the crowd, “In World War II, I was in Manila. In 1945, I got recalled for Korea, and I flew armed helicopters in Vietnam,” he said.

“35 years, and I’m so proud to be representing of the United States of America.”

Watch the video of the moment below:

Keith has been busy finishing his new album, 35 MPH Town, which is set to come out on Oct. 9.

The first single off of the album, “Drunk Americans,” debuted to major success and became the most-added single when it hit the radio. The title track off the album, “35 MPH Town,” is the second single and takes a look at what is happening in the country world by offering a candid reflection on the genre.

Toby Keith will appear on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show on CBS on Sept. 10, as the evening’s musical guest.

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