Tim McGraw Talks to Yoda [Watch]

Tim McGraw and Yoda

photo: Tim McGraw/Facebook

It's always great to see good friends talking about Christmas. Watch the full interview here!

Tim McGraw has many famous friends, but perhaps the most famous is Yoda, Tim’s enlightened guru.

In a recent Facebook video, Tim and Yoda sat down to talk about the holidays and the traditions Tim had while growing up. Yoda did the interviewing and really asked some tough Christmas questions.

McGraw held his ground well though, and really spoke from the heart. He talked about the presents he did get, as well as the presents he didn’t get.

Check out this riveting interview below.

Thanx Yoda for taking some time to sit down and ask me some questions about the holidays. Starwars #TheForceAwakens

Posted by Tim McGraw on Friday, December 18, 2015

The two have a very pleasant on-camera persona would you say? Unfortunately Tim didn’t get around to asking Yoda about his new movie Star Wars The Force Awakens but hopefully we’ll see another video soon.

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