Tim McGraw Proves He is “Humble And Kind”

Tim McGraw recently reached out to help a fan battling cancer.

Country music singer Tim McGraw is proving to the world that his #1 song “Humble And Kind” is more than just a great tune, it’s a way of life.

McGraw reached out to a fan that posted on his Facebook about how the song had inspired him. The fan’s name is Benn Banks and he is battling an extremely rare form of cancer.

“That song was the mental break that I needed,” Banks wrote.

“It brought me back to another time and another place. It brought me back to his concert with my wife a couple days before surgery, and a couple days before my life changed forever.”

After Banks posted to Facebook, McGraw shared his post with his social media followers along with a link to his GoFundMe page. He also messaged Banks privately to get his address, and sent him a personal note, a book and two scarves in the mail (McGraw discovered that Banks wears scarves to cover his neck where he receives his medical treatments).

“What Tim did for a complete stranger is so far above and beyond kind that people need to know about it,” Banks wrote.

“So today be kind my friends. Pay kindness forward. Thirty seconds of kindness can change someone else’s life forever.”

You can help Benn Banks by donating to his fundraising campaign to help cover his medical expenses HERE.

Tim McGraw “Humble And Kind”

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