Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren is a Reluctant Music Video Star

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photo: Sanford Myers/Invision/AP

Country music star Thomas Rhett recently revealed that his wife Lauren is not 100% comfortable making appearances in his music videos...

Country music singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett continually produces hit songs fans can’t get enough of and music videos to match! For example, he shows off his dance moves in the music video for “Make Me Wanna” and uses many special effects in the flirty video for “T-Shirt.”

Rhett finds the process of making music videos almost as fun as making and recording his songs. He told The Boot, “When you get to do a video, you get to tell a story.” Some of the stories are personal. With “Vacation” and “Die A Happy Man,” Thomas Rhett tells stories about his relationship with wife Lauren. She even starred in both of the music videos. However, Rhett jokingly admitted that it might have been a mistake because she is not completely comfortable starring in his videos.

His hit song “Vacation” quickly became a summer anthem, and it was one of the most fun and simple music videos to make. Even though wife Lauren is shy, “Vacation” was shot with a GoPro while she and Rhett were on a vacation in Hawaii. She had the chance to be in front of the camera in a comfortable and fun setting.

Thomas Rhett knows his fans love seeing his wife featured in his music videos, but she’s still not keen on the idea. He told The Boot, “She hates being the center of attention. So anytime I bring her onstage or say her name in a concert, she’s really shy…”

He loves any chance he gets to show her off in his music videos, though. Rhett said that she made the “Die a Happy Man” video what it is, and her participation helps tell the personal story behind the song. Enjoy the finished product below!

The 27-year-old artist also wanted to feature his wife in the music video for his recent No. 1 hit, “Star of the Show.” Convincing her to get in front of the camera again was difficult, but completely worth it! He had to beg Lauren to be in the video for a short amount of time, but he thinks she made it great.

The video for his recent hit, “Craving You,” with Maren Morris seems like it comes straight from an action movie. Both Morris and Rhett star in the video, but Lauren with her baby bump makes a cameo appearance as well. Check out the intense video below and look for the song on Rhett’s upcoming album!

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