Thomas Rhett Discusses Breaking Tough News to Wife Lauren

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Country music star Thomas Rhett recently had to have a tough conversation with his wife Lauren concerning his most recent tour. More here.

Fans get excited whenever they find out that their favorite country music artist is adding more tour dates. Will they finally be making a stop in my town? When do tickets come out, and will I get amazing seats? Maybe they’ll finally touch my hand in the front row of the pit!

Unfortunately, it’s a tougher moment for the artists themselves. It often means they have to leave home and their loved ones for another extended period of time. The idea of more touring can be exhausting for both the artist and close family members. Just ask country heartthrob Thomas Rhett about having to break difficult news to wife Lauren Akins.

The country music couple is adjusting to life with one child, Willa Gray, whom they adopted from Uganda. But they will soon have a newborn daughter at home in August, when Lauren is due. With another baby on the way, Rhett admits that it was tough to tell his wife about the news that he is adding more tour dates to his already successful Home Team Tour.

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“I feel like every time I get home and me and Lauren have an off night, which is usually Monday, but I still have a bunch of stuff to do, and Lauren is like, ‘Are you ever going to stop?'” Rhett recently told Rare Country. “I’m like, ‘Well, I thought about it and now we have two kids to pay for college for, so we need to add more dates.'”

He also mentioned that the kids put his job into a whole new perspective. “I mean, [touring is] still fun and I love it, but everything has now taken a whole new role. I do this because I love it, but also to give all of us the best life we can have.”

Thomas Rhett will surely find continued success with his extended tour through the end of October. Lauren, Willa Gray, and their soon-to-be newborn daughter will have to wait a little longer for the man of the house to return home.

By the way, Rhett’s “Craving You” collaboration with Maren Morris has gone number one! Congrats.

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