Having Kids Has Made Thomas Rhett More Easygoing

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photo: Lauren Akins Instagram

Country music star Thomas Rhett admits to being more laid-back since he and wife, Lauren, started having kids. More on the Akins family here!

“You know, things that used to bother me don’t bother me anymore because there’s a lot bigger fish to fry when you have kids,” Thomas Rhett recently preached to Sounds Like Nashville. Though that might sound like it could be another famous line of one of his hit singles, those are actually the words Thomas lives by these days, as he has admitted to becoming more laid-back. More here on the country-singing father of two!

Within the last year, the Life Changes singer has started to get a hang of altering his day to day schedule in order to be a father to Ada James and Willa Gray with wife Lauren Akins. Thomas believes one of the most improved parts of his life since Ada and Willa have been in the picture has been his personality. Though his life is on a constant ‘go’ routine, the singer-songwriter has somehow managed to become more at ease.

“I would hope that the people in this room think I’ve become a more patient person,” Thomas admitted at the 2018 CMA Music Festival. He gives all credit for his newly more realxed personality to his little princesses, which he would “do anything for.”

The star has been showing off his girls to fans via Instagram and it might just be the cutest thing you’ve seen in awhile.

Disney World with my girl… more photos to come @waltdisneyworld

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New normal @laur_akins

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These two little ones have made their number one man a better person (according to Rhett).

The Georgia native loves having his daughters on tour with him. “Just makes the road feel a whole lot more like home and I feel like I can be away a lot more and not be as homesick,” Rhett confessed to Sounds Like Nashville.

Pretty much sums it up🙌🏼💯😎😍

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The adorable family of four will have plenty of time to spend with one another on the road while Thomas Rhett is on his Life Changes Tour, which runs through November.

Something like our 78491st beach family pic attempt…💙

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