Thomas Rhett & Wife Lauren Show Off Daughters’ Rooms [Video]

thomas rhett daughters rooms

photo: Lauren Akins Instagram

Country star Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren recently gave a tour of daughters Willa Gray and Ada James' adorable bedrooms. Take a peek here!

One of the best parts about welcoming little ones into the family is setting up their bedrooms— it’s way more fun than decorating for adults. Country star Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins‘ have gotten a double dose of this labor of love, creating bedrooms for Willa Gray and newborn Ada James. The couple worked with April Tomlin Interiors to design special spaces for their two daughters.

“It’s a sweet nursery. Not too much pink – I’m not a pink girl,” Lauren shared with People about Ada James’ room. The same goes for 22-month-old Willa Gray‘s room, “[It’s] the same way – I was adamant about not having a giant pink room for my girls,” she adds. “But we love it. She seems to enjoy it so far, so I think it’s working.”

Let Thomas, Lauren, Willa, and Ada take you on a tour below!

Willa Gray totally stole the show in this clip. We can 100 percent relate to Thomas’ lament that he can’t get through reading one book to her because she’s just into turning the pages and looking at the pictures. That will go on for some time…

While in Ada’s room, the couple explained the sweet story behind a famed photo of Willa wearing a paper ‘Big Sister’ sign on her shirt. Thomas and Lauren had made the sign while visiting Africa and took the picture to break their exciting pregnancy news to their families.

“We had limited resources on how we were going to tell our family,” shared Lauren about the sign written in colored pencils bought at a gas station, “so we had this picture framed for everybody and that’s how we told everybody that she was coming into the world. That’s probably the sweetest thing in here, especially to us, because that was such a fun memory – trying to get that picture and then getting to tell everybody.”

The girls’ rooms are certainly dreamy and will serve them well as they grow! We love keeping up with these four.

Fans can catch Thomas on his Home Team Tour through November 15th. Be sure to share this neat look into the Akins’ family life with other fans of the singer-songwriter!

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