Thomas Rhett Celebrates Parenting Milestone— Carseat Juggling

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Country music sensation Thomas Rhett is working on navigating parenthood just like any other new dad and celebrating milestones where he can get them!

First time parents take milestones seriously, even if it is something as simple as getting two little ones successfully wrangled in their carseats! This excitement is no different for country music star, Thomas Rhett. The Life Changes singer has two daughters under two-years-old and has only been a parent since officially welcoming daughter Willa Gray home in May. Adding newborn Ada to the mix has kept his hands full— so when he’s not singing in front of sold-out crowds he’s being a typical dad!

Sharing a video of himself bringing Willa Gray to school and having Ada buckled in tight was a big deal to the star! He’s certainly working his way to snagging ‘dad of the year’ credit as he marks big and small milestones with his beautiful little girls!

Thomas Rhett is even going the extra mile to find a super pacifier that will stay in a baby’s mouth!

Aside from this accomplishment he and wife, Lauren Akins, have celebrated many more parenting accomplishments together! The whole family took to exploring a local creek and Thomas Rhett was dressed in his ‘dad best!’ Bonus points to them for bringing along their dogs too!

family creek exploring on this beautiful day😍🙌🏼 (*& TR rocking out total dad vibes in that outfit 😂😂)

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Sending eldest daughter Willa Gray off to her first day of school was another milestone which Lauren shared with fans via Instagram through a series of adorable pictures. The adorable Willa Gray sits next to Thomas Rhett and displays how excited she is for her journey to begin— even if mom and dad were sad to send her off!

how we feel about Willa Gray's first official day of school 💙💙💙

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Lauren also successfully took the girls on a plane ride, which any parent would say is not a walk in the park! Both the girls were on their best behavior and flew in style next to their proud mom.

my sweet little cozy buddies on my flight home today, they did so good😩💗💗

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Lauren and Willa even attended a Moana themed birthday party and captured some of the most adorable pictures to ever hit Instagram!

This is probably my favorite picture I have ever seen. Thanks @laur_akins for making my day

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Taking in parenting and leading an active lifestyle can get tiring and sometimes parents just need a little power nap! Lauren took to Instagram to post a picture of her and her husband doing just that!

Off day plans: Go to Mamaw and Papaw’s. Hand kids off to Mamaw and Papaw. THIS. 🙌🏼 #parenting

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