The Swon Brothers Release a Behind the Scenes Movie for “Pray for You”

The Swon Brothers

photo: Sony Music Nashville

The Swon Brothers have just released a behind the scenes movie of their popular new music video “Pray For You!” Check this out.

The Swon Brothers recently released a music video for their song “Pray For You” to much fan fare. Filmed at a Tennesse cafe known as the Snow White Drive-In, the movie tells an emotional story of a man who stumbles in and needs help. Check out the full video below!

Now, two weeks later, The Swon Brothers have released the behind the scenes footage of making the video. The brothers are cracking jokes and having a great time on set, check it out below!

The Swon Brothers definitely know how to entertain, they have amazing harmonies, genuine personalities, and are funny as well. This behind the scenes look is very revealing to how much they love their job.

The Swon Brothers are obviously putting themselves out there and working hard at their craft. They’re sure to go far.

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