The Story of How Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Fell In Love

faith hill and tim mcgraw

photo: Dave Rossman

Country music super couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s love story of how they first got together is super sweet!

It’s hard to imagine a time when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill weren’t an united front in country music with mega successful careers and a beautiful family. However, back in 1994 when they first met, they were two up and coming acts in the country music world. The couple met at a showcase for the radio industry that happens every year in Nashville.

“The first time we met was a radio seminar in Nashville where every year, you know, all the radio stations come down and artists perform. And they have a thing called like the New Faces Show. And I think this was probably in ’95, ’94-’95, and Faith and I both did the New Faces Show. And we just met briefly backstage and that was the first time we met, so it wasn’t really a meeting. And then, we did a show together like an outdoor festival show together after we had planned to do the tour and we just, we met there and then we started the tour probably about four months after that” McGraw said in an interview with Larry King.

At the time, Faith was divorced from her ex-husband Daniel Hill and engaged to record producer Scott Hendricks, but there was something about McGraw that drew her to him.

“But that definitely I have to say it went — that fear went away when I got to know Tim and his desire for a family and a foundation like we grew — both of us grew up with. Tim is from Louisiana. I’m from Mississippi. And, the foundation of family and the life that revolves around family when I realized that that was the most important thing for him as well there was no question in my mind at all because that’s where it all begins for me too” Hill said.

It’s safe to say that McGraw felt the same way about Hill.

“I think also that for us too we both had successful careers and we were — when we got married we were 29, so it wasn’t like we hadn’t lived life and been through a lot of things in our life and had grown up a little bit anyway. So, I think it was great timing for us and it was time for us to settle down and have a family and we knew we were right for each other” McGraw continued.

Check out the iconic duet from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, titled “It’s Your Love”, below!

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