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Powerful Country Duo The Judds released "Have Mercy" in 1985 and reached #1 on the Country Music charts with this tune.

The Judds Have Mercy song was released in 1985 and the song reached #1 on the Country Music charts starting December 28, 1985.  In the realm of country music, The Judds stand as one of the genre’s iconic duos, leaving an indelible mark with their harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. Among their many hits, “Have Mercy” emerges as a standout track that weaves a timeless tale of heartache, resilience, and the power of mercy. Released in 1985 as part of their album “Rockin’ with the Rhythm,” the song showcases the mother-daughter duo’s ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Watch the Judds perform “Have Mercy” and check out the lyrics to this Country classic.

The Judds “Have Mercy” Live Performance

The lyrics to “Have Mercy” were written by Paul Kennerley.

Have Mercy Lyrics

I was standing in line at the city bus stop
Soaked to the skin from ev’ry rain drop
I see you driving by just like a phantom jet
With your arm around some little brunette
You say you won’t be home because you’re working late
Honey, I’m no fool, you’ve been out on a date
The lipstick on your collar gives the game away
It’s strawberry red and mine’s pink rose

Have mercy on me
You treat me so bad I’m in misery
It’s breaking my heart, can’t you see
Baby, baby have mercy on me

Well I called you up on the telephone
I could hear you was playin’ Haggard and Jones
I knew right then that there was something wrong
There’s only one reason you play cheatin’ songs

[Repeat Chorus]

Went to the bank with my little check book
The cashier he gave me the strangest look
He said you ain’t got no money ’cause you’re over drawn
Your man took it all and he’s done gone

[Repeat Chorus]

“Have Mercy” was the first single from the album Rockin’ with the Rhythm and became the Judds’ fifth number one on the country chart.  At its core, “Have Mercy” is a song about heartache and the aftermath of a failed relationship. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love gone awry, with Wynonna’s powerful voice conveying the pain and disappointment of a shattered romance. The words resonate with anyone who has experienced the bitter sting of a breakup, as the singer pleads for mercy in the face of overwhelming emotional turmoil.

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