The Band Perry Trivia Quiz

The Band Perry

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In 2010, The Band Perry crashed the Country music scene when they released their first album. How well do know the popular band? Take this quick quiz!

The Band Perry Trivia Quiz


1. What was the title of The Band Perry’s first album?

a.) Spark
b.) The Band Perry
c.) Pioneer
d.) If I Die Young

2. What are the names of the three siblings that make up the band?

a.) Neil, Reid and Kimberly
b.) Jim, Rick and Kimberly
c.) Don, Jerry and Kimberly
d.) Bill, Drake and Kimberly

3. What popular game show did The Band Perry appear on?

a.) The Price is Right
b.) Wheel of Fortune
c.) Family Feud
d.) Jeopardy

4. Which sporting event did the trio perform a charity concert for this year?

a.) The NBA Finals
b.) The Super Bowl
c.) Indy 500
d.) The World Series

5. The Band Perry performed which song on The Tonight Show in February of 2017?

a.) “Stuck Like Glue”
b.) “Stay In The Dark”
c.) “Buy Me A Boat
d.) “If I Die Young”

6. Which sibling is the oldest of the trio?

a.) Kimberly
b.) Neil
c.) Reid
d.) They are triplets

7. Kimberly Perry wrote her first song about which type of wildlife?

a.) Dog
b.) Cat
c.) Rabbit
d.) Fish

8. Kimberly Perry’s husband is a professional athlete in which sport?

a.) Baseball
b.) Hockey
c.) Basketball
d.) Tennis

9. What is the title of their new single released on February 3?

a.) “If I Die Young”
b.) “Stay In The Dark”
c.) “Buy Me A Boat”
d.) “Gone”

10. Is The Band Perry currently on tour?

a.) Yes
b.) No
c.) They just finished a tour
d.) They never tour



1. B

  • The Band Perry

2. A

  • Neil, Reid, and Kimberly are the three members of the band

3. C

  • Steve Harvey’s Family Feud

4. B

  • The Super Bowl

5. B

  • “Stay In The Dark”

6. A

  • Kimberly is the oldest at 38 years old and was born July 12, 1983.

7. C

  • Her pet rabbit

8. A

  • He is a catcher in the MLB

9. B

  • “Stay In The Dark”

10. A


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