Tenille Townes Somebody’s Daughter (Music Video and Lyrics)

tenille townes somebody's daughter

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Tenille Townes is using her voice to advocate for an issue close to her heart. Watch her music video for "Somebody's Daughter" here!

The Tenille Townes Somebody’s Daughter song was released in 2018 on her album “Living Room Worktapes”. Tenille Townes was born as Tenille Nicole Nadkrynechny on January 20, 1994 in Grande Prairie, Alberta (Canada).  So far, she has released three studio albums.

Country music singer-songwriter Tenille Townes released the music video for her first single, “Somebody’s Daughter” and let’s just say it’s a powerful one!  This music video became the most popular of her career and has over 4.4 million views.  Watch the music video and see the written lyrics below.

Tenille Townes Somebody’s Daughter Video

“It makes me so happy to have this video out in the world, telling a visual story of this song with a message that is so important to me. My hope is for people to feel empowered to recognize those around us. We’ve all got a story and something we’re working through and I believe the little things count. There’s a lot we can learn from a kid at a lemonade stand,” Tenille shares.

Miranda Lambert, with whom Tenille recently toured, is a big fan of this rising star. She took to Instagram to let the world know just how much she loves Tenille’s music!

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Homelessness is a cause that Tenille frequently advocates for and holds close to her heart. She remains committed to charitable causes including her own initiative, Big Hearts For Big Kids, which has raised over $1.5 million to date benefiting a youth shelter in her hometown of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

Tenille Townes Somebody’s Daughter Lyrics

I drive home the same way
Two left turns off the interstate
And she’s always standing
At the stoplight on 18th Street
She could be a Sarah
She could be an Emily
An Olivia, maybe a Cassidy
With the shaky hands
On the cardboard sign
And she’s looking at me
Bet she was somebody’s best friend laughing
Back when she was somebody’s sister
Counting change at the lemonade stand
Probably somebody’s high school first kiss
Dancing in a gym where the kids all talk about someday plans
Now this light’ll turn green and I’ll hand her a couple dollars
And I’ll wonder if she got lost or they forgot her
She’s somebody’s daughter
Somebody’s daughter
Somebody’s daughter
Well, did she give up wondering where the cars all go?
And can she even tell that I don’t know what to say?
So I just nod my head and wave
Well, no one’s gonna ask what she wants to be
Or why we’re both stuck here at the mercy of geography
Or whether it shines or rains

Bet she was somebody’s best friend laughing

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