Take A Break with Joey + Rory!

rory feek and joey feek wedding day

photo: This Life I Live Blog

Country Fancast has put together a playlist celebrating the music of Joey + Rory.

Joey and Rory Feek, of the husband/wife duo Joey + Rory, are arguably one of the most loved country music duos in modern country music history. Not only did the couple create beautiful music together, but they also included the world in their day-to-day lives, which were anything but ordinary.

The beauty of Joey Feek radiated from the inside and out and the love that Rory Feek had for his family was overwhelming.

Take a moment to listen to the music we have curated from Joey + Rory below!

“Cheater, Cheater” 2008

“Play The Song” 2009

“To Say Goodbye” 2009

“This Song’s For You” 2010

“That’s Important To Me” 2010

“Headache” 2011

“Josephine” 2012

“When I’m Gone” 2012

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