The Swon Brothers Prank Bobby Bones!

The Swon Brothers

photo: c/o Sony Music Nashville

After being called "too vanilla" by Bobby Bones, The Swon Brothers decided to strike back.

After an appearance on The Bobby Bones show, where Bones called The Swon Brothers “too vanilla”, the brothers decided to show the host just how vanilla they can be.

Over one hundred gallons of Purity vanilla ice cream would just about cover that. The Swon Brothers enlisted the help of their management team, the fine folks at Purity Dairy and even some of iHeart’s employees who wanted to get in on the action.

The Swon Brothersphoto: Sony Music Nashville

The prank began at 7:30am, as they frantically built scaffolding to hold the hundreds of gallons of ice cream.  When Bobby finished his show and made his way to the parking garage, escorted by his sidekick Amy who was in on the prank, he saw a huge structure made of ice cream where his car was supposed to be.

Zach and Colton Swon jumped out from behind the ice cream and shouted to him “Hey, remember when you told us we were vanilla, well we found out that vanilla happens to be America’s favorite flavor, so we just wanted to share some with you!”

Bobby responded, “Yeah… this is good! You got me… you got me.”

The brothers then donated the ice cream to Nashville’s Second Harvest Food Bank in recognition of The Bobby Bones Show “Pimpin Joy” week.

See a video of the prank HERE.

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