Sugarland is Planning to Launch a 2018 Tour [Videos]


photo: Shervin Lainez

Country music stars Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush have reunited Sugarland and are already talking new music and a new tour! More here!

After spending the last few years pursing solo careers, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are back as country music duo Sugarland! The pair stopped by The Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday morning and reveled their plans for the upcoming year!

“We’re going on tour, guys! 2018! There’s going to be new music and new live shows,” Nettles shared during the radio interview. Enjoy watching the full interview!

The pair also performed “Baby Girl” and “All I Want To Do” acoustically during their appearance. Check out their performances below!

During the 2017 CMA Awards in November, Jennifer and Kristian surprised viewers by presenting the ‘Vocal Duo of the Year’ award and also hinted at a possible Sugarland reboot while onstage.

“Well funny seeing you here,” Nettles said to Bush, to which he replied, “It feels like we’ve been here before, right?”

“That’s true. In fact, we’re here to present the CMA Award we won together in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 … and well, who knows?” cryptically responded Nettles.

The next day, the artists confirmed the rumors by dropping a press release revealing that Sugarland will be unveiling new music in 2018.

“The thing is, we have each been doing so many fun and wonderful things on our own, but I also feel like from a timing perspective it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s get back together and see what we have to offer to this project now,’” Nettles explained to PEOPLE. “We’ll continue to float in and out of those two realms between Sugarland and in our own stuff at this point.”

“Well, you have seen on a lot of the posts that we’ve done #StillTheSame and I think the message that we are sending with that is, look, we’ve been doing all these wonderful things that have helped us grow as individuals and as artists, and yet we’re still the same Sugarland that you love,” she continued. “Sugarland has a specific sound and I feel like people are really connected to that, so I’m excited about getting to provide that sound, too.”

New music AND a new tour— Sugarland isn’t holding anything back when it comes to their return to the music scene together. Share this update with other fans of this group!

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