Sturgill Simpson’s Breakers Roar

Sturgill Simpson Breakers Roar

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Watcj Sturgill Simpson's Breakers Roar music video and check out the lyrics to this tune.

Country Singer Sturgill Simpson’s Breakers Roar is off his new album – A Sailor’s Guide To Earth.   Watch the official music video and check out the lyrics below.

Breakers Roar Official Music Video

The lyrics to “Breakers Roar” were written by Sturgill Simpson.

Breakers Roar Lyrics

Oh, how the breakers roar
They keep pulling me farther from shore
Thoughts turn to a love so kind
Just to keep me from losing my mind
So enticing, deep dark seas
It’s so easy to drown in the dream

Oh, and everything is not what it seems
This life is but a dream
Shatter illusions that hold your spirit down
Open up your heart and you’ll find love all around
Breathing and moving are healing
And soothing away
All the pain in life holding you down

Bone break and heals
Oh, but heartaches can kill
From the inside, so it seems
Oh, I’m telling you it’s all a dream
It’s all a dream
It’s all a dream
It’s all a dream
It’s all a…
It’s all a dream

This song is on Sturgill Simpson’s third album, A Sailor’s Guide To Earth.



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