Shania Twain Puts Unique Items Up For Sale to Help Kids

Shania Twain

photo: Artist Facebook Page

In the market for a motorcycle that looks like a horse or one of Shania Twain's iconic outfits? Well, these items and more can be yours for a great cause!

Country music icon Shania Twain is on a mission to help out deserving children in North America through her Shania Kids Can foundation. In order to raise funds, the songstress has placed the custom motorcycle she rode on stage during her Still the One Las Vegas residency up for sale for a cool $100,000. If a motorcycle that resembles a horse isn’t your thing, you can instead enjoy a dinner with Twain and her husband, Frederic, for the same amount of money.

Don’t have $100K to cough up? Supporters can also opt to snag an array of other memorabilia and packages including Twain’s “Man I Feel Like A Woman” stage ensemble from her Still the One stint for $7,500, a signed guitar package for $2,500, or the much more affordable new album CD package for $40. View all the options and donation levels here.

According to the organization’s website, Shania Twain founded Shania Kids Can in 2010 in an “effort to relieve the economic, social and personal sufferings of children that she herself experienced as a child. Shania Kids Can operates in elementary schools throughout North America delivering programs that aim to provide all-inclusive support and stability by qualified professionals in the form of one-on-one consultations as well as group activities and opportunities all while in the safe, confidence-building environment that is the Shania Kids Can Clubhouse.”

Check out one of the Shania Kids Can Clubhouses below!

As fans may remember, Shania’s upbringing was riddled with poverty and instability. “As a child, I often went to school without having had breakfast, without a lunch, no money to take part in pizza days or many field trips for example, because I wasn’t able to pay or get the authorization signature from my parents because they were not available or unable.  Reflecting back, I realize that my disadvantages created a lack of self-confidence and insecurity, causing me to withdraw and be less social than I would liked to have been otherwise. In addition to feeling inferior, hunger caused a lack of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to interact with others,” the star candidly shared.

It’s great to see an artist recognize a need within society and pitch in to help. Shania’s personal connection to children in need makes her efforts even more compelling. Take a look around the items up for sale and help out a worthwhile cause!

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