Shania Twain is ‘On a Roll’ with New Music

shania twain with miranda lambert

photo: Facebook

Shania Twain fans have something to look forward to!

Shania Twain is hard at work! Though she gave no indication of when her latest project will be released, she’s been teasing an in-the-works album for several years now. But it seems that our long wait may be seeing an end soon.

She tweeted that she’s “on a roll,” sitting in front of a microphone with a guitar and a piano.

It’s been 14 years since her last album Up! was released. Last year, she told USA Today that this upcoming album is going to be “so entirely different” from her past work.

Though she may be done on the road, she’s far from finished making an impact on the music world. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun the seasoned star said that living in Las Vegas has given her the confidence she needs to keep up with the ever-changing music industry.

“I really have been able to build up a lot more courage and a lot more confidence in myself,” explained Twain. “Just to really dive in there and expose my songwriting for the first time after a long time to my peers and have to sit there and get the feedback and be brave enough to do that.”

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