Scotty McCreery Shares Story Behind Proposal Spot

scotty mccreery proposal

photo: Scotty McCreery Instagram

Country music cutie Scotty McCreery recently put a ring on his lovely lady's finger and also revealed the special story behind his romantic proposal!

Popular country singer and past American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery proposed to his longtime love on a mountaintop in North Carolina. Scotty and fiancée Gabi Dugal would have never found this romantic scenic view if they had not had a mishap on a date a few years back.

“We were looking for a waterfall about two or three years ago and I completely screwed up and got us lost,” Scotty reminisces. “And I was like, well, the next trail map, we’re just gonna see where it takes us, and we got out and then came up to these beautiful cliffs. Now it’s kind of our spot every time we go to the mountains.”

Scotty and Gabi have both spent a lot of time at this location since the day they happened to stumble upon it— what a lucky find! The couple’s gorgeous getaway spot is located near Grandfather Mountain, which is roughly 200 miles from their hometown of Garner.


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Not only does the spot where he proposed have significance to the couple, so does the proposal happening on a weekday! Gabi works at Duke University Hospital as a first year nurse and has weekend shifts. Gabi requests those shifts when Scotty is on tour so that they can have quality time together during the weeks.

“It’s nice with her work schedule because nurses work three days a week,” Scotty says.

It is also nice that Gabi only works on the weekends because the couple has two places they call home— one in Garner as well as one in Nashville. It is little things that they do to create time together that make a big difference!

When you open for @GarthBrooks… you don't get much sleep that night…

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The part Scotty says he’s most excited about for joining married life is all the quality time the two will be able to spend together.

“Especially like when I do come home [to Garner], instead of her being on one side of town and me on the other,” Scotty begins. “We might be able to have dinner [together] … It’s just we go to the same place. That to me would be the most special part of it all.”

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