Scotty McCreery Surprises His Ailing Grandmother

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Country music star Scotty McCreery recently lifted up his grandmother's spirits with a visit and a very meaningful surprise! More here...

Country artist Scotty McCreery absolutely made his sweet grandmother’s day! He gave her a small gift that went a long way…

Scotty and his sister Ashley visited their grandmother, who has been in the hospital for some time now, to give her a little sneak peek of a big project: the music video for his most recent single “Five More Minutes.” The music video is set to be released in a few weeks, and the early cuts have officially been given the seal of approval by Grandma Janet! During their visit, Scotty showed her early edits to the soon-to-be-released video for the song that was inspired by none other than Scotty’s grandfather.

If you're gonna release a new single, you better make sure grandma likes it. Luckily, #FiveMoreMinutes is grandma approved! Glad to see grandma Janet doing a little better this week! 5/5/5MM

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The visit meant a lot to both McCreery and his grandmother. With his busy schedule and the fact that she’s in inpatient care, the two don’t often get to spend enough time together. Family is of the utmost importance to McCreery however, so he was determined to find an excuse to visit.

“She’s been in a lot of pain lately, so it was nice to see her laugh and smile,” he said during an interview with Rare Country. “That brought a lot of joy to me.”

With grandma’s approval and McCreery back in the game, we can expect big things from this upcoming video release! “Five More Minutes” was a song written with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell shortly after the death of his grandfather in 2015. The American Idol champ debuted the song in June 2016 at the Grande Ole Opry, and this single served to break the hiatus McCreery has been on since releasing his last single “Southern Belle” in 2015. It’s a touchingly emotional song recounting the relatable topic of wishing to extend time to enjoy a moment just a little bit longer.

Listen to the single below:

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