Scotty McCreery Talks Post-‘American Idol’ Career Highs & Lows

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Scotty McCreery's career faced obstacles following his 'American Idol' win, but he is back with the release of a new album and No. 1 hit!

American Idol Season 10 champion Scotty McCreery has a lot on his plate. He just released a new album, Seasons Change, after experiencing some turbulence in his country music career over the past few years. In addition to sharing new music, he is also about to get married to his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal.

Not surprisingly, his soon-to-be-wife has inspired a lot of the North Carolina native’s music. On his new album, his song “This Is It” is about his proposal to Miss. Dugal.

McCreery wrote the tune just two weeks before he knelt down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. He chose to take her to “their spot” near Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina to pop the question, which was a place they came across when they got lost looking for a waterfall. Now they try to visit those cliffs whenever they go hiking.

The song I wrote for our engagement. Midnight tonight.

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Seasons Change is McCreery’s fourth studio album. The first is his self-titled debut that he released after winning American Idol in 2011 at the age of 17. He was actively making music after the show and released two more albums in 2012 and 2013. Then, he took an unexpected hiatus after problems arose.

“We had just come off a platinum and a gold single,” McCreery shared with Huffington Post. “There were decisions made – the powers that be – about what direction they wanted the music to go to and the next single, which was definitely a pivot from what I traditionally like to lean with my music.”

That single did not end up working out and the label dropped McCreery.

After splitting from the label, McCreery’s former manager sued him. In 2014, he was held at gunpoint and robbed during a home invasion. Talk about an eventful year!

“That’ll put life in perspective,” he told the outlet. “I’ve been sued. Like who the heck gets sued when you’re like 20 – but me! It’s been a crazy, crazy few years. But a lot to learn from. I feel like I’m a better man today because of the experiences I’ve had.”

Plus, the events gave him inspiration for songs on the new album, including the title track.

“Seasons Change” was the first song he wrote after being released from the label. It’s all about picking up the pieces and tackling life with positivity, especially because he gets to have fun writing songs for a living! The new album also features his first No. 1 country hit, “Five More Minutes,” which he wrote about his grandpa. Check out the music video below!

 McCreery returns to ABC’s American Idol this season to mentor some of the contestants and offer up his personal tips and tricks.

“You just gotta stay true to yourself because there’s a lot of opinions from all different directions,” he said. “Listen to everybody’s advice, but at the end of the day, make your own decisions and follow your heart.”

Seasons Change is out now. Share this with other fans of the star!

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