7 Sam Hunt Songs That May Have Been Inspired by Wife Hannah Lee


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Sam Hunt likes to write songs about what he knows. Check out some songs likely inspired by his relationship with girlfriend and now wife Hannah Lee Fowler!

Emerging Country star Sam Hunt recently got married to longtime flame Hannah Lee Fowler and it’s no surprise that many of his songs draw inspiration from their love story. When it comes to writing his music, the “Body Like a Back Road” singer isn’t shy about pulling directly from his personal life. Through the ups and downs and everything in between, Hunt has quite a few songs that relate back to Hannah Lee.

As a result, he named his first album Montevallo after her hometown. His success quickly increased after its release. The songs are often very upfront and easy for fans to understand, and Hunt is not one for sublty. He wears his heart on his sleeve and we find the newlywed couple extremely cute! Do you remember when he serenaded his bride-to-be at the 2017 ACM Awards?


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Now that the couple is happily married, we wanted to explore Hunt’s relationship through his lyrics. Check out this list of seven songs likely inspired by Sam’s wife!


7. “Leave the Night On”

This is one of Sam Hunt’s popular hits, and it made history at #36 on the Country Aircheck chart. It is the highest ever entry for a new artist. Like most of the songs on his Montevallo album, this one was influenced by his experiences.

“Leave the Night On” is about a guy and a girl that don’t want the night to end. Instead of parting their separate ways at the end of the night, they want to ‘leave the night on’ and keep going. Hunt came up with the clever line, and his writing partner, Shane McAnally, liked it so much that they wrote this song together.

6. “Break Up in a Small Town”

Both Sam and Hannah are from small towns. Hunt is from Cedartown, Georgia, and Hannah is from Montevallo, Alabama which is also why Hunt named his first album Montevallo. The two know what it’s like for everyone to know their business. This song explains what it’s like when a couple breaks up, but they still have to face the fallout daily because of the small town. Hunt remembers things like having to see his ex with one of his friends, having awkward interactions with mutual friends, and constantly being reminded of her. Luckily, the newlywed couple won’t be worried about the small town break up struggle anymore!


5. “Ex to See”

This track is on the edgy side, and it mixes aspects of rock, hip hop and country. The song discusses the exciting, yet frustrating experience of being a rebound and being used to make an ex jealous. This song is honest about the complicated feelings of dating someone who is not quite over their ex. Hunt admitted that he doesn’t mind it at all, though. He even makes a play on words (ex-to-see, ecstasy), which brings a sexy vibe to the track. Perhaps this situation rekindled a romance between Hannah and Hunt.  After all, the two were on and off for awhile before marrying.


4. “Cop Car”

Although Keith Urban is the one who made this song a hit, Hunt helped write it, and his delivery is quite honest. The sweet thoughts are mixed with a slightly rebellious situation, and it creates a romantic song any girl would love. Hunt describes a small run-in with the law, but he’s not concerned about being in trouble. His focus is on the girl in the backseat with him. The clever lyrics are an ode to Hannah Lee’s free spirit and fun-loving personality alongside her beauty, of course. Hunt’s small town roots show through in this song, and it is also inspired by his girl.


3. “Make You Miss Me”

This song is a romantic ballad also off his Montevallo album, but it has a bit of a seductive touch. He expresses his love for a woman (we assume is Hannah) who won’t be able to forget about him. She may enjoy something for a moment, but then move on, including guys. Hunt says that’s simply because they weren’t worth missing, but ensures her that he’s different. He’s gonna make her miss him. The track resonated with fans. It was Hunt’s fourth No. 1 hit, making him the first male solo artist to earn four chart-toppers from a debut album.


2. “Body Like a Back Road”

The typical gentleman we know Sam Hunt to be goes out the window for this song. “The way she fit in them blue jeans, she don’t need no belt / But I can turn them inside out, I don’t need no help,” Hunt sings confidently and unapologetically. Hannah Lee Fowler’s curves slow down time, and the singer wants everyone to know it. The song released as a single and is expected to be on a follow up album that has yet to be named.


1. “Drinkin’ Too Much”

This is Sam Hunt’s realest song about Hannah Lee Fowler by far. It reflects his feelings after their breakup. From the first word, Hunt admits his sins and pleads for forgiveness. His Montevallo album brought her unwanted attention, and he apologizes for that in the song as well. Hunt’s quick success affected their relationship, but the lyrics are aimed directly at Hannah in an attempt to win her back. “Drinkin’ Too Much” also has very little instrumentals in order to focus on the personal lyrics.

As we know, Hannah did take him back eventually because they are now married! Though the song may not have been the main influence in taking him back, “Drinkin’ Too Much” does reveal deeper aspects of Hunt that many artists are afraid to put out there.


Hunt also co-wrote songs for other artists that had influences from Hannah Lee. Alongside Keith Urban’s “Cop Car,” he also contributed to Kenny Chesney‘s “Come Over” and Billy Currington‘s “We Are Tonight.”

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