Sam Hunt Shares Why He Serenaded Wife Hannah at ACM Awards

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photo: Chris Polk/ACMA2017

At the 2017 ACM Awards, Sam Hunt put the spotlight on then-fiancée Hannah Lee when he incorporated her into his performance. Now he's sharing the sweet reason behind it.

Country music entertainer Sam Hunt melted his fans’ hearts at the 2017 ACM Awards when he put the spotlight on his soon-to-be wife Hannah Lee Fowler. Now he’s sharing the sweet reason behind why he did it.

During his live performance, Hunt made his way off the stage and found a seat next to Fowler. He them and put his arm around her while he sang “Body Like A Back Road.” Hannah’s reaction was adorably shy and she tried to hide her face from the camera. As it turns out, that was part of the reason why he wanted to draw attention to her— It was an attempt to help his now-wife get used to the spotlight.

Watch highlights of the performance through Entertainment Tonight’s video clip below!

“Involving her with that performance was fun. She was a little uncomfortable about being there and a little overwhelmed,” Hunt shared via his record label. “She may not agree, but I thought that would warm her up a little bit to the whole experience and she may not admit it, but I think it did.”  It was an adorable effort to merge his personal life with his musical life.

Hunt reveals that there was a bit of a mishap during his swooning performance, though.

His audio pack got stuck in the cushions of his seat! As a result, he could not hear himself singing.  Normally, Hunt gets concerned about little details and when things are going wrong. But he says that knowing his love was in the audience made the mishap a very minor problem.  “Having her there just made it all go away,” he shared with Taste of Country. “So that’s another reason I wanted to go down and sit with her and made sure she knew that she’s what really matters…”  How cute!

Hunt and Fowler got married a couple weeks after the 2017 ACM Awards show on April 15th in Georgia. Sam Hunt’s 15 in a 30 Tour kicks off on June 1st and will include Maren Morris, Chris Janson, and Ryan Follese as opening acts.

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