Did Sam Hunt Get Married?! [Photos]

sam hunt married

photo: Rebekah Fowler Miller Instagram

Wait a minute, did country star Sam Hunt get married? His Instagram account has certainly offered up some reasons to speculate...

Country music phenom Sam Hunt might just be the ‘king of stealth.’ The high-profile dude got engaged to Hannah Lee Fowler in the fall and stayed completely mum about it until January, then over the weekend he shows up wearing a ring on his left ring finger. This new addition makes us really wonder about his current martial status.

“I’m getting married in a couple months,” Hunt shared during the Universal Music Group luncheon during CRS back in February. The Georgia native added, “between planning a wedding and keeping my fiancée smiling, I’m gonna try to kick up some new music for y’all.”

He wasn’t kidding and appears to have pushed that timeline forward. Smart move if you want to avoid unwanted attention— or he may just be toying with our emotions.

Here’s Sam tour planning a mere six days ago with no ring to be seen…

Drawing up plans for our first headlining tour. 15 in a 30! 🇺🇸

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Then, BAM on Saturday, March 11th— There’s the ring! He’s just casually buying peanut butter and Nutella with his lady.

Snow shopping in March ⛄️🥛🥖

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A better look at his new ring presented itself a few hours later while the star went snow canoeing with friends in Nashville.

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We’ll all just have to speculate until Sam or his team breaks the big news. Given how secretive the star can be— a wedding will probably be confirmed months after the fact.

So, congratulations to Sam and Hannah if they did indeed tie the knot over the last few days!

UPDATE: False alarm! According to CMT’s Cody Alan, Hunt is simply wearing the wedding band because he already feels like he is a married man. Well, isn’t that romantic.

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