Runaway June Lipstick

Runaway June Lipstick

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Watch upcoming Country trio Runaway June perform their debut single Lipstick in the newly released official music video for the song.

Runaway June released Lipstick as the debut song and title track for their upcoming album.  The song is a breakup song that’s actually upbeat and positive. The idea for the song is that sometimes breakups ARE for the best, and that a girl should be with someone who ruins her lipstick, not her mascara.   The all girl band holds true to their promise not to be man-bashers, and the girls barely even mention the heartbreaker in the story.  They focus the song on the good guy who’s still out there.   Watch the official music video, the lyric video and the behind the scenes footage on the set of filming “Lipstick” below.

Runaway June’s debut single “LIPSTICK” Official Music Video

Lipstick Lyric Video

The lyrics to “Lipstick” were written by Naomi Cooke, Caroline Hobby, Hannah Mulholland, Jennifer Wayne, Elisha Hoffman and Rebecca Lynn Howard.   Check out the official lyric video.

Lipstick Behind the Scenes Video

Go behind the scenes with Runaway June on the set of their new music video “Lipstick”.

“Lipstick” is the title track for Ranaway June’s debut album.  The “Lipstick” song gives fans a glimpse of what to expect from the trio’s forthcoming debut album.

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