Route 91 Survivors Group Wants Jason Aldean To Finish Set

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photo: Jason Aldean Website

Country music superstar Jason Aldean has gotten a special request from a group of Route 91 Harvest Festival survivors. More here!

According to Las Vegas’ 13 Action News, a group of Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting survivors have formed a Facebook group dubbed “58 Survivors 1 Last Set” and want country music superstar Jason Aldean to finish his concert. As fans well know, Jason’s time on the big stage was interrupted by gunfire which resulted in the deaths of 58 individuals on October 1st.

Group founder Tiffany Thomas has also put together a special photobook alongside group member Gina McKin for Jason. The 91-page book documents the events before the shooting and includes personal notes from survivors to the star.

“I hope that when he opens it, he just sees that we love him and that we know what he’s going through,” McKin shared with the news outlet.

The survivors hope the gift will inspire Aldean to return to Las Vegas and perform in front of victims of Route 91 and their family members.

In November, the artist sat down with NBC’s Today to discuss what happened on stage the night of the shocking mass shooting.

“We wear in-ear monitors when we’re on stage. And really all you can hear is the music, and maybe your guys that can talk to you on microphones that are on side-stage or whatever,” Aldean explained.

 “So when it first happened, I thought a speaker had blown,” he recalled. “It just sounded like a crackling something. And so, I’m kind of looking around like, ‘What is that?’ Trying to figure out what it is. Then it stopped, so I was like, ‘All right, they must have got it fixed,’ so I kept doing my thing.”

The Georgia native continued playing and the unusual sound returned. “It lasted longer the second time. I was actually kind of getting aggravated, so I looked over at the monitor guy on the side of the stage, as if to say, ‘What is that? Fix it.’ So when I turned and looked, my guitar player had run behind me and was telling me to move, like, ‘Let’s go,’ and my security guy was running on stage, telling me to run.”

After being prompted, Aldean quickly exited the main stage.

“It was so hectic. I mean, you just, everybody was scrambling. And you just didn’t know what was going on,” the star shared. “I’ve never been in that situation before. You know? And obviously nobody else out there had either. So it was just kinda crazy, pandemonium.”

Fortunately, Aldean and crew where able to find safely during the chaos and later emerged unscathed. Aldean’s pregnant wife, Brittany, was also able to seek shelter and reunite with her husband.

The group’s gift and request is being mailed this week, so it will be interesting to see if Jason does make his way back to a Vegas stage soon.

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