Rory & Indy Feek’s Sweetest Father-Daughter Moments in Pictures

rory feek with daughters indy, hopie, and heidi

photo: Facebook

Rory Feek and little Indy have an excellent bond.

Rory Feek and 2-year-old Indiana have continued to share glimpses of their lives without Joey through social media and the uplifting blog, This Life I Live. As always, the Feeks are putting on a brave face as their Tennessee community continues to embrace them with love and support.

It’s wonderful to see this family’s strong bond get them through his incredibly difficult time. Joey would be extremely proud of Rory’s determination, Indy’s personal growth, as well as Heidi and Hopie’s welcome presence.

As fans can recall, Joey helped prepare Indy to face the world without her by stepping back and letting Rory take the parenting lead with their youngest daughter. It was such an incredibly selfless act for all parties involved.

Let’s take a special look at Rory and Indy’s incredible bond as captured by photos.

Indy Finds the Perfect Spot for a Nap 

rory and indy feek nap
photo: Facebook
Indy and Rory taken in a breathtaking view together. 

rory and indy feek view
photo: Facebook
Beautiful happy faces.

rory and indy feek smiles
photo: Facebook
Rory gives his little lady a lift. 

rory and indy feek piggyback ride
photo: Facebook
A classic father-daughter matching moment. 

rory and indy feek in hats
photo: Facebook
These two deserve all the joy in the world and have endured so much together. As fans, we will continue to cheer for their triumphs and keep them close in our prayers.

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